Name: Empire of Gordjan

(also, Kingdom of Gordjan - Gordjan)

Capital: Gordjan
Official Language: Italian
Government: Constitutional and Federal Monarchy
Head of State (King Emperor) Gordjan I°
Date of Foundation and Indipendence: 21 May 2002
Population (Citizens): 15
Area (claimed): 1415 Km²
Time Zone: UTC+1 (UTC+2 in Summer time)
Currency: Gordjan Scudo
Official Religion: Catholic (religious freedom is guaranteed)
National Day: May, 21
E-mail address:



   The Kingdom of Gordjan (also, Empire of Gordjan, or simply Gordjan) is a Nation founded on May 21, 2002, through the ratification of the Constitutive Act by the Emperor. The reasons that led to the birth, must be identified in the felt need of its founder, to create a place and a civilization, based on strong moral values, of justice and honesty, where people could create a human-scale society, rich in traditions and culture, respecting the law and protected by institutions.

   The official religion is Catholic, but is guaranteed absolute freedom of religion.

   The Gordjan's population is represented by all the people who share the ideals and culture of the Nation, that have acquired the Citizenship.

   The National Territory is now represented by a marine area located in the Mediterranean Sea (outside the territorial waters of other countries), which is officially claimed by Gordjan, from December, 01, 2012, this area is essential to the legal status of the Empire. Other old small surfaces, complete the territorial structure. Government has, however, among its primary objectives, the research of an appropriate area to the needs of the people and institutions, with legal and peaceful means.

   The Gordjan exercises its Sovereignty through the Government, which establishes and enforces, within its sphere of action, laws and rules to govern citizens and the Territory.

   The Gordjan Order is an universal organ, integral part of the Nation, it's a material and spiritual guide for the people, and manage and preserve the Traditions.

   The aims of Gordjan are (based on Article. 4 of the Constitution):

      - implement its Civilization, through laws, rules and ideals, in tune with the principles expressed in the Order Code;

      - increase its own Population, looking for people who share its ideals and decide to join;

      - adapt own Territory to the effective needs of society;

      - consolidate its status in the international policy.

   The relationship with other civilizations, wants to be peaceful and in mutual respect.




   The Kingdom of Gordjan is a federal Monarchy, consisting in 3 internal subjects:

- KINGDOM OF GORDJAN - is the main part of State (infact this name is also used to indicate the entire Empire). The Government of the Kingdom  coincides almost entirely with the central Government; is entitled to exercise the Sovereign Functions and to have diplomatic relations with foreign Countries, in the name of the Empire.

- PRINCIPALITY OF BOKAM - is an ordinary Province, born on December, 01, 2012. Have internal autonomy, but is fully subjected to the Sovereignty of the State.

- PRINCIPALITY OF KAMPONG - is an ordinary Province, born on December, 01, 2012. Have internal autonomy, but is fully subjected to the Sovereignty of the State.

Finally, are part of the Gordjan, the Imperial Territories (MEDITERRANEO); born on December, 01, 2012, are administered directly by the central Government.


The political power is exercised in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution:

   - The Head of State is the King and Emperor of Gordjan; has the duties of supervisor the proper conduct of political life and is the symbol of national unity.

   - The Executive Power is managed by the Grand Council and serves as executive organ for the Kingdom and the Empire.

   - The Legislative Power is managed by the Imperial Senate, elected directly by the Gordjan citizens, is nominated for 2/3 within the Kingdom (Senate of the Kingdom), 1/6 in the Principality of Bokam; 1/6 in the Principality of Kampong.

    - The Judicial Power, is managed by the Office of Justice.

The Government consists of the following persons:

   - Head of State: His Imperial Majesty, King Gordjan I°.

   - Prime Minister: The Grand Prior, mister Thorus.


   To become a Citizen of Gordjan, contact the Grand Council at:



   The Kingdom of Gordjan consider the dialogue and cooperation, resources necessary for the maintenance of peace and socio-political stability at the international level; is therefore available to establish bilateral diplomatic relations with all Nations and international organizations, if they can be legally recognized. In particular, to establish a mutual Recognition, the Nations should be truly Sovereign and Independent, or must they have expressly this primary aim; must be pacific; must ensure respect for Fundamental Human Rights, should not be in conflict with the Nations already officially recognized by the Empire of Gordjan, when you enter into the agreement.

For diplomatic matters, contact the Grand Council at or alternatively use the FOREIGN AFFAIRS on the Gordjan Official Forum.

We can recognize paceful Nations with have minimum 1 year of provable existence; we not recognize any claims on the Antarticland because is the last free land in the World.





   The Empire of Gordjan was born on May, 21, 2002, with the ratification of the Constitutive Act by his founder, but the origins of its ideals, its culture and its traditions, are much older.

The first activities of the Empire, are informally started a few years before its founding; they were focused on the design of the State, the identification of territorial and human sources, and the works related to the Order, such as the detection and adoption of moral and spiritual principles, Traditions, Culture ... more simply, the creation of Gordjan Civilizations!

   When, in 2002, the elements needed to create the Nation, had been acquired, the future Emperor, has founded the Gordjan, proclaiming himself Head of State.

Later it became evident the need to refine some elements of the Empire, and make it more visible from outside. In 2007 he started a reform in which they were developed new means of communication and socialization, in particular on the WEB. Also has been expanded the Territory.

   On September, 30, 2009, with the achievement of the aims, was actuated the First Gordjan Reform, during which time the Gordjan increased its international diplomatic relations, previously held second place to the needs of domestic policy.

   Other important changes to the structure and institutions, the New Gordjan Reform was actuated on July, 01, 2010.

   On May, 21, 2012 the Empire of Gordjan celebrates his tenth anniversary; in December of the same year, there were created two new Provinces and the Imperial Territories, giving rise to the current socio-political situation of the Empire, which now continues to practice and increase its activities.

   In 2016 they were made other reforms to boost Empire's activities and give at the Gordjan Order a main role into the Nation.




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