The Gordjan Order is an organization established by the Grand Master, on the basis of specific and ancient sources of doctrine.

   Within the Nation, Order is the organ entrusted with the protection and management of Gordjan Civilization, the task is being performed through the establishment of moral and spiritual rules, the preservation of traditions, the promotion of our ideals and values.

   But the role of the Order, is not limited to the internal management of the Civilization of Gordjan; with his activities and his doctrine, in fact, it is proposed to improve the global society in general, trying to bring balance and harmony in people's lives that decide to join, and the psycho-physical-spiritual serenity of individuals and the functioning of society where they live; are in fact considered as two essential prerogatives directly related.

   The Order also, within the limits of their budget and logistic, promotes activities of assistance, at the international level.

   The Order's official religion, is the Catholicism, which inspires much of the his ideals; to be clarified, however, that the Gordjan Order is not a religious organization, in fact, his teachings also come from non-sacred sources, and its activities are independent from any religious authority.

   The doctrine and rules of the Order are contained in the Gordjan Order's Code. This text is the ultimate source of knowledge for members, in addition to being a Cards of Right of the Empire (albeit with a purely consultative role) .

   The Order is an integral part of the Empire of Gordjan and recognizes in it's own Country.

   Components and hierarchy of the Order:

   Grand Master

Is the founder of the Order, the highest authority, the guardian of the sources of knowledge and the supreme court of his teachings.
Has full powers to the management of the Order.

   Grand Prior

Is the second into the hierarchy of the Gordjan Order and help the Grand Master in his job.

   Knights of the Order

Are elected by the Grand Master.
Have a duty to acquire full knowledge of the doctrine.
Represent the "arm" of the Order, their task is to spread the ideals of the people and practice the teachings.
Are required to assist people who are in need of help, as far as possible.


Are all those who share the ideals of the Order and agree to respect them.




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